Company Summary

Frau im Mond is one the most exclusive bars in Munich -a rooftop 'café' in the prime location on top of the Deutsches Museum with a unique view over 3 bridges (Wittelsbacher, Reichenbach, Cornelius). With excellent food, drinks and countless events, Frau im Mond is a hub for high society from all over the city.

What we've done

In need of a new way to market and create hype around the opening of their establishment, an NFT collection was born, consisting of 25 trading cards, each with different mint quantities and values, and each giving unique usage and benefits when shown on location.

Included in the project was an store page, minting on the Polygon blockchain, launch and after launch community management.These artworks were made using Blender, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Please follow the link bellow to view the collection on OpenSea: